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Grain Grabber 2
Grain Grabber 2 For pennies on the dollar, you can make your perform like a full-finger auger. With one Grain Grabber 2 between each flight, you can run your reel higher and out of the crop which means less shattering. Your grain will feed more evenly with our Grain Grabber 2, reducing slugging and allow you to run longer at night.

Revised Application Recommendation

A small percentage of farmers are experiencing issues toward the center of the auger when using the Grain Grabber 2. The aggressive nature of the Grain Grabber 2 and the build up of crop volume at the center of the auger can cause crop to be thrown out of the center of the header. The Grain Grabbers at the ends of the auger are doing a great job. If you expect a heavy crop you may want to reduce the number of Grain Grabbers at the center of your header.

Each Grain Grabber 2 comes with its own hardware. Grain Grabber's are sold individually or as a kit. The kit includes Grain Grabber 2, self-tapping bolts, and drill bit.

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 ARGG201   Grain Grabber 2 - Black   Grain Grabber 2 - Black   $30.00   
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