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Feeder House Silencer Kit
Feeder House Silencer Kit
Throat Lining - Grain feeds into combine over the slippery poly and helps prevent bunching in front of the throat. The poly does not corrode like metal. It provides a smooth surface even when placed over corroded metal. The echo from the metal on the bottom is absorbed by the poly lining. The poly lining is form fitted to cover the existing metal. Use existing bolts for metal for mounting.

Drum Guards - Soft plastic, rubber like material is used to cover the metal drum where the chain hits. It saves the chain from excessive wear on the drum and decreases noise. Attach drum guards with pop rivets and 13/64" drill bit provided.

Rails - Cover existing metal rails with poly rails. This helps prevent clattering of metal on metal as the bars on the feeder house chain hit the metal rails. Poly rails cushion the impact of metal for less wear on rails and bars. Rivet into place with hardware provided. (Pop rivets and 13/64" drill bit.)

Top Sprocket Stripper Plate - As the chain goes around the metal plate, it wears grooves into the metal and flattens the bottom of the chain. With the poly plate it glides across and helps retain the shape of the chain. The chain will not clang against poly as it does the metal. Replace metal stripper plates with poly plates. Use existing bolts.

Feeder House Silencer Kit
2 Strand 3 Strand Throat Liner Drum Guard
Rail Guide Top Sprocket Stripper Plate