For over 40 years, Poly Tech has proudly served you with the quality products and outstanding

customer service that you demand. When quality counts you can count of Poly Tech.

1975 - Poly Tech was founded as a Christian company on the premise that God is chairman of the board. That premise still holds true as Poly Tech enters its second generation as a family owned and operated business. Today, two generations of family work together as we continue to serve the agricultural industry with those same core beliefs and values.

1988 - Poly Tech patents the first combine skid cover. Then in 1992, patents the "Living Hinge" design used on tens of thousands of John Deere 900 series combines. Today, Poly Tech manufactures a full line of products, including corn head liners, grain tank liners, grain and auger bed trough liners and more.

2010 - Poly Tech files for a patent on its innovative new Poly LastTM Tube Liner. This pre-assembled unit can be installed without even removing the auger in most cases, self adjusts to uneven tube diameters and can cost as little as half of a replacement or repair. Our commitment to innovative, cost-saving new products is stronger today than it's ever been.

2019 - Poly Tech invites you to join us for many more years of innovation. If you have a problem that needs solving we'd love to hear about it. Helping you save time and money has been the core of our business. So, stop by our booth at a trade show, call, email or write us.